Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. Here I am in a "TaylorTot" with my dark-eyed brother next to a house in Ashtabula a long time ago.
2. I came across the next picture in a card when I was roaming through the basement recently. Ohio State friends sent it after a Concert Band Reunion.
3. Buzz Aldrin will be a contestant on the new season of Dancing With the Stars. I'll be cheering for him.
4. This week we saw Crazy Heart on "Popcorn Monday." A few of the people in the theater could easily have appeared in that movie.
5. Jeff Bridges should get the Academy Award for his performance.
6. Last weekend I stopped at an estate sale because the ad mentioned a doll collection. This person must have had every Barbie there ever was - as well as many other kinds of dolls. It was mind boggling. The model train collection was quite extensive, also. I did not buy anything. I just looked.
7. I need to get more stuff out of the basement. Attending estate sales inspires me to clean and organize.
8. We saw the sun yesterday. The snow is starting to melt.
9. This morning I am talking to Suzy Orman. D said he was going to hide.
10. I discovered this week that Reminiscences, the autobiography of William Morris Stewart is online. Enter his name at http://openlibrary.org and start reading.


Elizabeth said...

oooh! ooh! It's Suzy day! Crossing my fingers that you're approved. Then you'll have no excuse. Ni hao, China.

Marie said...

Very interesting that Buzz will be a contestant. Hope Suzy went well!