Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

Since this is Holy Week, I decided to list my ten favorite hymns. They are in no particular order. I just like all of them.
1. For the Beauty of the Earth. I had this for a piano lesson. It had four flats, and I memorized it.
2. The Old Rugged Cross. The choir sang it on Sunday. It's always been a favorite of mine. This is what gave me the idea to make this list.
3. Standing in the Need of Prayer. I especially like this one with a lively tempo.
4. Amazing Grace. This one always brings tears to my eyes.
5. A Mighty Fortress. The Stow Band played this at an outside Memorial Day service many years ago. The sound was incredible.I will never forget it.
6. Lord of the Dance. Becky B. and Katherine sang this as a duet.
7. Just a Closer Walk with Thee. I like this one with a clarinet in the arrangement.
8. Precious Lord, Take My Hand. A guest minister at our church explained the story behind this hymn as his sermon. The Thomas Dorsey story is sad, but inspiring. I love to hear Marie sing this.
9. Christ Arose. This is another one that I appreciate when it is sung with enthusiasm.
10. Christmas Carols. I could not leave this area out, so I just lumped them together.


Marie said...

Those are many of my favorites too :)

Katherine said...

Ditto to everything except #2.