Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. My Grandfather Watson is the third from the left. I think the other men are also relatives, but I'm not sure who they are. The picture was taken at Lake Shore Park in 1939.
2. We are getting a leaf made for our dinner table. The more the merrier.
3. I am doing spring cleaning albeit sporadically.
4. The California cousin I found recently has spurred my interest in genealogy.
5. We went to Starbucks this morning. It was free pastry day. I checked the nutrition content of what we ate. Oh joy.
6. We did have a good workout after.
7. Charlie will be joining his cousins soon in the two year old club.
8. The Wizard of Oz has left the building. It was a good run.
9. I get a haircut tomorrow.
10. We did not see a movie on Popcorn Monday. We are waiting for another good one to come out.


Elizabeth said...

Oh, to have seen all the movies there are to see. Retirement sounds like fun to me!

What an interesting picture of TM.

Charlie is going to get his birthday present on time, despite the blizzard we're having!

I think leaf is an old-fashioned word, much like breezeway and davenport and icebox. All words I associate with Grandma Watson : )

Marie said...

MMMMMmmmmmhhhh-breezeway. Davenport. Icebox. Those words make me very happy.