Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. This year is a first for me. One of the DWTS hopefuls is a friend of mine.
2. M. Hazel wrote me a long letter this week. Thanks for the information.
3. Off I go to tell her.
4. We had a quiet Sunday with only my brother with us for Easter dinner.
5. Richard found stale Peeps on sale yesterday. I rolled my eyes. He was ecstatic. We feel differently about them.
6. I took everything out of the closet in the tree house room today. It was nice to see Kristen, Samantha and Molly again. They are waiting patiently to be claimed for a new generation.
7. I would love to have tea at the American Girl store in Chicago. Several of my friends have done this. Hm, this might actually happen at some point in the not too distant future.
8. I have book club at church in a few minutes. This month the selection is The Help by Stockett.
9. The weather was beautiful today. I even did a little yard work.
10. It's time to visit the Apple Store. I want to see an iPad in person, and I don't seem to know any of the million people who already have one.

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Marie said...

Hee hee tell her what??