Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. Elizabeth's middle name Anne is in honor of our college friend Anne Droste. I am so glad we still keep in touch. Marie's middle name is the same as her wonderful Grandma Eleanor. Elizabeth picked Elaine as Katherine's middle name. Their cousin Michelle shares this as a middle name as well.

2. My father's middle name was Manville. For years I wondered where that came from. I recently found out he was named after Uncle Manville, his mother's brother. This fellow always went by the name Mack, which explains a lot. Evidently he did not want to go through life being called Manville.

3. My father coached several championship girls' basketball teams in the 1930's. My brother attended a retired teachers' lunch in Ashtabula County. He met a lady who used to play on these teams.

4. I wonder why organized girls' teams disappeared from schools. When I went to high school in the 60's there were no opportunities for girls to play sports except for gym class.

5. Good penmanship used to be an important subject in school. Note the beautiful signature of E. J. Kinleyside, a well known educator in Ashtabula County in the early 1900's.

6. Ben graduated from college in California this week. Three cheers for Ben.

7. I think these children look like they should have been in the movie Christmas Story. My big smile is probably because I am in a picture with four boys

8. I am currently reading The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom.

9. I watched The Apprentice this week. I am glad Bret Michaels won, but when I found out that his competition was Gordon's daughter (Sesame Street), that would have been okay.

10. BJ stopped at our house this week. He brought us a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

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