Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. My grandmother, Ida May Johnson, had a brother named Earl.
2. My grandfather, Thomas Mitchell Watson, had a sister named Myrtie. Myrtie had a twin sister Grace, but that is a different story.
3. Earl and Myrtie married each other.
4. They had twin boys named Elton and Carlton and a daughter named Leah. They were double cousins to my father. Here is an Orwell High School graduation picture. My father is the fellow in the middle of the back row. His cousins are the first two on the left in the front row.
5. Yesterday I received a letter from the son of Carlton.
6. I hope my brother and I get to know him.
7. I met Ron early this morning at a coffee shop in Jefferson. He goes there practically every day to hang out with several friends. One of them told me he grew up with teacher from Stow. It turned out to be someone Richard was supposed to play golf with today. Life is full of strange coincidences.
8. Ron and I went to four cemeteries this morning. We planted eight geraniums to honor relatives. I usually skip the one in New Lyme way out on the Brownville Road, but we found Sadie Miller right away. She was one of the eight Walton children.
9. We also went to the Lenox Cemetery, the one in Rays Corners and Edgewood.
10.After tearing around in the graveyards today, we had lunch with my classmates from Jefferson. They are a lot of fun.

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