Sunday, June 13, 2010

Seven on Sunday

1. The Tic Tac Toe game is back in business after an extended vacation. When it went to Virginia, one of the "puffies" stayed there for a few months. Recently I discovered one with missing eyes. The eyes finally showed up and were glued back in place. Now the game awaits in the tree house room for further adventures.

2. Our yard is beginning to get its summer look. Mr. Dumpty moved this season.

3. Today was Green Day at church. Everyone was supposed to wear green. Since I was in California last week, I was unaware of this special day. My ESP was at work. I wore a green shirt this morning after deciding against several other colors.

4. Jean O. and Liz B. are cousins. I never knew this until recently when they both fell within a week of each other. I've known them both for years, and am glad to hear the news that both will eventually be fine.

5. I broke the lawnmower this week. The lawnmower repair fellow said he never saw a lawnmower break in this manner. Humph. The part costs $117, but that is a lot cheaper than a new mower.

6. Richard played an outdoor concert at Kent last week. I knew everyone in the band except one sax player. As soon as I heard his name was Jack, I recognized him. I took private saxophone lessons at a music store in Canton when I was in high school. Jack taught in the next room over from where I had my lessons with Dominic.

7. I am a fan of So You Think You Can Dance. I thought it was mean to get visits for the ones who did not get on the show this year.

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Marie said...

Yes, I thought the whole telling them process was very awkward and unprofessional. They are looking for professionals here. Although I am all for family support, I just don't think they need to be sitting around for six hours waiting for results. Weird.