Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. I enjoyed another lunch with my Jefferson friends on Tuesday. The real reunion is next month.
2. I saw one of the many covered bridges of Ashtabula County on my trip.
3. We are hoping for a family picnic in July with our relatives from Colorado, Missouri and Pennsylvania.
4. I sent a random e-mail to someone on Ancestry.com because he added a picture of William Morris Stewart. He responded saying that one of old Uncle Bill's daughters (Mary Isabelle AKA Maybelle) was his great-great-grandmother.
5. Jill has quite possibly the biggest mosquitoes in the world living in her yard.
6. Hot in Cleveland was so-so. Betty White saved the show enough that I might watch it one more time.
7. This Ten on Tuesday is taking me three weeks to finish.
8. Katherine and Ben now live in a lovely small town in Illinois. It will be fun to explore a new area, especially since Chicago is nearby.
9. The train runs through the middle of Western Springs. Richard lived close to the same tracks a few miles from there when he was a little boy.
10. Today I get to meet a cousin for the first time. He lives near Columbus, but we are getting together this afternoon in Painesville.

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Elizabeth said...

you've fallen behind too...

have you had your Watson picnic yet?