Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ten on Tuesday - Wednesday Version

1. I scanned some old pictures today. It is fun to look through the old albums.
2. I was about a year old in the picture with my brother and mother. Getting our picture taken must not have been very interesting to either of us children.
3. I am standing in front of the brick house we first lived in when we moved to Jefferson. This one was dated October, 1945. A couple months earlier I wandered off in search of my brother. My father found me standing on a street corner several blocks from our house. That must have been a scary day for my family.
4. My second grade class put on Tom Thumb's Wedding. I am second from the left. Naturally I had to stand next to the petite girl name Margaretta.
5. My father was in Tom Thumb's Wedding, also. He is on the right. The groom and the boy to the right of the groom are my father's double first cousins Carlton and Elton Johnson.
6. Richard cleaned the oven this afternoon. It is good to get that done, but now it is hot in the kitchen. We are going out for dinner.
7. I talked on the phone this afternoon with my childhood friend and neighbor Donald. He is not going to attend the reunion this weekend as his wife has been having some health issues. I will miss him. We love to talk about the old days.
8. I am reading my third Maisie Dobbs novel. The combination of historical fiction and a good mystery keep me interested.
9. I am saving five dollar bills in order to get an iPad. At the rate I am going, it will be third generation. At least they should have all the bugs worked out by then.
10. The OSU Alumni Marching Band is going to the Super Bowl. The trip to China did not happen.

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Marie said...

I love all these old pictures-keep them coming :)