Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. Our family picnic on July 3rd was a great success. The first thing Lily said the next morning was "Have them come back again soon."
2. BJ was a big hit at the picnic entertaining us with guitar music and vocals as well as playing games with the boys.
3. Another big event on the third was the street festival in Kent. Richard played before and after the fireworks. Before the band played a juggler entertained. He did a great job. It looked like everyone in the whole county showed up this year.
4. The Stow July 4th parade was on the 5th this year. We all had a great time watching from the Troyers and then having a picnic with them afterward. It is one of my favorite days of the year to spend time with these friends and relatives.
5. Three of the people at the July 4th picnic have played a bass saxophone. Hm. I wonder how many people have even seen one of these - let alone play one.
6. Lily got fingernail polish on her white dress. Thanks to advice from the handy Internet, I found out that bug spray and peroxide takes out such stains. I used an old toothbrush to scrub.
7. The Taylors left for home this morning. It is very quiet around here now.
8. The Dillow girls stayed with us one year ago. We took them to the Ice cream Social at Church. It happens again this Sunday. We will miss having them go with us.

9. Today is July 6th. This date was well known in our family because it was Aunt Alice's birthday. She always had a picnic on her birthday. She invited sisters and nieces. I went to many of them over the years.
10. I am off to the Nat now for a good run and a few fitness machines.


Elizabeth said...

Sniff. We wish we could have been there. It sure looks like everyone had a wonderful time.

Elizabeth said...

And gosh, do Lily and Hayley ever look alike in this picture!