Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. The picture of my Watson grandparents was taken in August, 1954. They must have been on their way somewhere as they are both quite dressed up.
2. The other picture shows Guy and Inez Loveland. Inez was Ida's sister. I don't think I have ever seen a picture of Inez before, but I remember this is what she looked like. Both of these pictures are courtesy of my cousin Don.
3. I had a great time in Jefferson last weekend. I attended way more parties than I usually do.
4. I reconnected with my baton teacher. I told Clarene I still have my costume - including the hat.
5. I saw another one of our former neighbors at a party. She looked at me and asked, "Who am I?" She was pleased that I remembered her without any hesitation. Roberta's family raised rabbits. Her mother would give us one from time to time.
6. I walked down Walnut Street on Saturday morning. We lived on the corner of Market and Walnut. I named the different families as I walked along. It was a different time. I could not name all the people who live on my street now. I knocked on the door of 47 N.Market because it was open. No one answered. The occupant probably thought I was selling something.
7. Someone on the other side of the street was having a garage sale. I stopped for a chat since she was not busy. She lived in the same house as my 4H leader. I told her I had been in that house many times. Then she told me her house was haunted by a young girl. I remember the story. Both this little girl named Mary Lou and I were very sick at the same time. I had a ruptured appendix. I made it, and she didn't. But evidently she is still around.
8. Lake Erie is especially beautiful at the Ashtabula coastline. I hope they figure out a way to keep the Asian Carp out.
9. Two items at my upcoming garage sale might be the Coleman Lantern and Coleman Stove. Neither have been used and we have had them 42 years.
10. A deer, at least I assume it was a deer, ate my tomatoes. What a disappointment.

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Elizabeth said...

Great photos!!

I think I heard the rabbit story end by YOU EATING THEM.

Oh my. I don't generally believe in ghosts, but what an eerie story about the girl who was sick when you were.