Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. My Johnson relatives are having a family reunion on August 28th. Thanks to my newly found double cousin Don, I know about this event. Thanks also go to Don for sending me these wonderful family pictures.
2. Don is pictured here at age 2 with his Uncle Earl Russell Parker. Earl will be 86 in November.
3. The other picture was taken at a family reunion in 1922. From left to right are pictured Elton Dean Johnson, Eugene Johnson, Inez Johnson and Carlton Don Johnson.
4. We had a great time on our trip to Cheyenne. The world of cowboys is lots of fun.
5. One of the rodeo queens was on our flight back from Cheyenne to Denver. She looked very queenly with her beautifully tooled leather attache case and cowboy hat complete with silver crest in front.
6. While we were gone, the deer ate our tomato and pepper crops.
7. My bizarre accident of reaching behind the couch for a nail rib injury is better. It must have been bruised, not broken. I went back to Zumba with no ill effects.
8. I am currently reading the number five Maisie Dobbs book. Now I will have to wait until another one gets written. Historical fiction about World War I and its aftermath fascinate me.
9. People in northeast Ohio are getting excited about the Browns. I hope they won't be in for another sports disappointment.
10. I am going to the Jefferson Fair this year for the first time in many years. The last time I went my father was the Supt. of the fair.

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