Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to the Queen of Hearts, the dinosaur, the Princess, the Statue of Liberty, the chicken and the immigrant boy. I always send Halloween cards, but somehow this year got away from me. I did receive one - which is pictured here.
I am celebrating Halloween on a more local level this year. I am wearing orange and black to church and am ready for Trick or Treat with individual bags of pretzels. I have a hard time passing our candy with my obsessive habits about healthy food.
Listening to Saturday Edition this weekend, I found out I have something in common with Harry Houdini. He died on Halloween of Peritonitis - not drowning in a river which is the urban legend about him. I did not die, but I had a humdinger case of Peritonitis after the botched diagnosis of appendicitis when I was 6.
I hope everyone enjoys Halloween. It still ranks as my least favorite holiday.

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Marie said...

Mine too-although I definitely love the children dressing up part :)