Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. Beautiful fall days in Ohio continue.
2. The tree in our front yard is a brilliant orange, which is Richard's favorite color.
3. The Hudson YA Book Review group resumes tonight. Two of my good friends from Tallmadge MS are picking me up.
4. The selections tonight are Graceling and Fire, both by Kristin Cashore. Fantasy is not usually my cup of tea, but I found both these books quite interesting reads.
5. We enjoyed a visit from the Taylors last weekend. Charlie said he liked his big boy bed. It was an experiment to have Lily and Charlie sleep in the same room. It worked out quite well.

6. As usual, Lily and I had fun together before anyone else was up in the mornings.
7. I wish the political ads would not be so nasty.

8. Ohio State continues to win football games. Some think they are Number One, but not the BCS.
9. I look forward to seeing the new old house in Cheyenne.

10. Marie and Marian Stewart appear in the old picture. I think the baby is a Bennett, but I don't know who is holding this baby.

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