Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. We spent last weekend in PA. On Friday night we took Lily to her school carnival. She had a great time dancing and doing the limbo.

2. We watched the Browns. After that was over, we played family games.

3. We noticed that the leaves stay on the trees longer in PA.

4. Today was the monthly lunch with the Jefferson Class of 1960. It is always a fun event.

5. Before lunch Ron and I checked out the Colebrook Cemetery. We located an old Watson grave - possibly our great-great grandfather.

6. The Ashtabula Bridge Disaster happened on December 29, 1876. Every year people gather at midnight in the nearby cemetery on the anniversary where most of the victims were buried. Sounds creepy.

7. Speaking of trains, we stopped at the Jefferson Depot, the scene of my second grade field trip on the train to Andover.

8. Speaking of Andover, the Isaly's store in that town exploded on August 10, 1955. That was the day my family moved from Ashtabula County to Massillon. We heard about this on the radio as we checked out our new house on Linway.

9. Ron gave me a magazine today about Ashtabula County history which accounts for numbers 6 and 8 in this list.

10. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays - and it is almost here.


Marie said...

Thank you again for coming-so glad that Lily got to go to her party :)

Beverly said...

Check out the boy on the far right of the second grade picture. He is sitting to my left in the Jefferson lunch picture.