Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Ten on Tuesday on Wednesday

1. I went to the Hudson Book Club last night. The selection was Jump by Elisa Carbone, an interesting YA book about rock climbing.
2. The Madrigal singers who perform with the Cleveland Orchestra had a concert at the library, also. It was a busy place.
3. Our dining room table now has a new leaf. We are ready for Thanksgiving.

4. I did some research on Adolph Sutro last week. He spent about eighteen years building a tunnel in Nevada to help with silver mining. After he finished the project he lost interest in the tunnel, went to Europe and bought books. What remains of this library is housed in the Sutro Collection at San Francisco State Library.
5. Over the Rhine returns to the Kent Stage on December 4th.
6. Last week I went to my dermatologist. Despite the fact I don't spend much time in the sun, he removed something from my arm.
7. A postal employee bugged me today, but I just smiled at him. This is the same person who accused me of wrapping a package in brown paper last December, thus causing the address to fall off. That was his reason for a package getting lost. Anyway, when I asked to see the Christmas stamps, he said I should have looked at the display. When I left the counter I noticed the display was in the far corner behind the boxes that are on sale.
8. We now have new phones. No more blank screen for me.
9. I am going to get the gold chair in the basement recovered. Any suggestions what I should do as to color and/or fabric?
10. I am going to play the piano tonight instead of watching TV.


Marie said...

is it the one with the brown spindle arms? what room will it go in?

Beverly said...

Yes. I don't know what I am going to do with it.