Saturday, December 04, 2010

Six on Saturday

1. The John Trapani concert was last night. It is a great way to get in the Christmas spirit. I loved the Christmas Carols as well as the Kenton Christmas arrangements. I was in the second row, so had a good view of Richard.
2. We have another concert tonight. Over the Rhine returns to the Kent Stage. This will be the 8th time we have seen them.
3. I am enjoying our new Christmas candles from Lowe's. They are smart candles, because they turn on and off by themselves. The best thing is no cords.
4. I have a new pair of pants for Zumba. I noticed I was the only person in class not wearing dark ones. So long to Marie's middle school beige stretchy pants.
5. The other day I saw a lady with two little girls about two years old going in the revolving door at the Nat. This gave me cold chills and a flashback to my first memory. It was getting my finger pinched in a revolving door in Ashtabula when I was three years old. Children sometimes put their fingers where they shouldn't. There is no way to protect four little hands going through one of these doors. By the time I got inside the trio had vanished, so I could not explain my feelings about revolving doors.
6. I have less than a month to wear my high school class ring. On reunion years I wear it every day. This year several people commented on it. I don't think that has ever happened before.

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Marie said...

Hooray for getting rid of my middle school pants?? Wow.