Friday, January 07, 2011

Ten on Friday

1. Jack Taylor arrived bright and early on January 1. He was the first boy born in Chambersburg, PA this year.

2. There is not much traffic on the PA Turnpike early on New Year's Day.

3. I saw a cute sign about a bean when I stopped at a Starbucks.

4. Spending time with the Taylor children involves lots of puzzles, games, coloring and music.

5. I went to the bus stop with Lily. She takes G5 about 8:20 and returns about 4:00.

6. I don't know anything about potty training boys. When I asked Charlie if he could put something in his potty, he tossed in a tissue and left the room.

7. I came home from PA a day earlier than planned because of impending snow. I made it through the mountains. The snowplows started gathering by the side of the road about 4:30. I arrived home about 7:30.

8. I listened to vampire fiction all the way. I made it through disc 10 of Breaking Dawn. Unfortunately, it was due today. There was a hold on it, so I returned it to the library this afternoon. I may never find out how quickly Renesme grows up.

9. We ate at the new Triple Crown tonight. It was as beautiful as ever on the inside.

10. I am still working on Christmas cards. I realized how far behind I am when I received a Valentine in the mail today.

11. Thanks to a Christmas gift from Elizabeth, I will be eating lots of fruit this year in order to collect 365 stickers.


Richard said...

Hmmm...I do believe BOTH are left-handed!!

Marie said...

Yes Daddy, they are both left handed...and I love that version of the sign too!!