Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Wrap Up

1. I've missed the last two T on T, but I never committed to do them. For 2011 I will do Some on Sunday.

2. Christmas found us in Chambersburg, PA. The flu hit Lily, Marie, Richard and BJ in that order. Charlie and I escaped.

3. Shortly after our arrival in PA I noticed that Baby Jesus was missing from the Nativity scene. Marie promptly told me he would arrive on Christmas Eve. Sometime in the excitement of Christmas morning, Charlie shouted, "Baby Jesus is here." How sweet. I am glad he noticed.

4. Since the Taylor baby did not appear for Christmas, we came back home. We took an interesting route by telling our GPS not to use toll roads. We began to think we should have brought our passports because we drove so far north before we finally turned west. It was a beautiful drive through lots of small towns. I am glad we did it that way once.

5. My new old book is Capital Losses: A Cultural History of Washington's Destroyed Buildings. Can anyone figure out why why I would want that book?

6. Tonight when I take off my class ring, I won't wear it again for five years. It surprised me how many comments I received about it this year.

7. I started using my new Ohio State gym bag today. I tossed the old germy one in the trash. I found several interesting things when I cleaned it out. One was a note from a boy named Steven who thanked me for helping him find information during his time at TMS. On the same day I saw another boy from TMS who recognized me, but thought I was a bus driver. An interesting coincidence. I am glad I at least helped some students.

8. The snow that came down when we were in Wyoming is just about gone. It almost made the 60's here today.

9. Tonight is the night I start putting away the Christmas decorations.

10. Happy New Year to everyone.

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Matt said...

I imagine the book has something to do with one Bill Stewart's ostentatious mansion on DuPont Circle . . .