Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. Richard and I spent most of yesterday in Ashtabula County.

2. We could not resist stopping at Trader Joe's on the way.

3. We stopped in where my brother sells used cars. The owner and my brother used to be in the same Cub Scout group in Jefferson. It is all in who you know to get a job.

4. My mother was the Den Mother of the group, so I had to go to all the meetings, too.

5. From there we spent a little time at the Henderson Public Library. I finished reading Revolver by Sedgewick because I found it on the shelf. It is a selection to discuss for the YA group I attend in Hudson. I had put off reading the book, because I don't like guns. However, this book turned out to be quite interesting.

6. Twelve of us Jefferson class members met for lunch with a few ringers in attendance. Richard went with me this time as did my brother Ron.

7. Upon return we hurried over to Kent for Popcorn Monday. We saw The King's Speech. It was a great movie, and I highly recommend seeing it.

8. Today will be another busy one. I had to skip Zumba yesterday, so I am going to a 9:30 Hip Hop class.

9. From there I am going to church for some 50th Anniversary committee work.

10. Book Club is tonight. I am glad I got my reading done.

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