Monday, January 31, 2011

What's up in January

1. It has been a busy month with Jackson Henry making his appearance on January 1. I saw him when he was a few hours old.

2. After a few days with the Taylors, I left for Ohio since there was a snowstorm on the way. It caught up with me in Pittsburg, but I made it home okay.

3. I traveled to Western Springs, Illinois to spend a few days with Katherine. Once again I left before the snow arrived.

4. We celebrated Juliette's birthday. She is wearing part of one of her gifts. Thanks, Lisa. She loves to dress up.

5. The battery on my camera gave up, so I don't have as many pictures as usual.

6. One day we went to the Brookfield Zoo. It is fun to go to the zoo in the winter. Only a few people were there with us. We could see everything close up - especially the polar bear.

7. Sunday was Founder's Day at Church. It was part of the 50th anniversary celebration.
Instead of a sermon there was a play which explained the beginning organization of the UMC in Stow.

8. Today was popcorn Monday at the movies. We saw Black Swan. I did not like it at all. One of the reasons I did not like it was that one of the characters had her hand caught in a door. I realize this is an odd reason not to like a movie, but I still remember getting my finger pinched in a revolving door at age three.

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