Saturday, February 26, 2011

It's a 6:12 day

The sun sets at 6:12 today. When I heard that on the radio this morning, I decided to accomplish more than usual today since I have more daylight.

I thought I was the one who originated 6:12 in the family by graduating from the Ohio State University on June 12th. Not so. While researching William Morris Stewart, I discovered that his grave at the Laurel Mountain Cemetery was number 612. The stones from this cemetery were bulldozed into the San Francisco Bay in 1940. Thirty-five thousand people were moved to another cemetery in San Mateo County. Now all that marks the grave of Uncle Bill is a brick sized monument with the number 351.

The super tall furnace man aka the super tall air conditioner man visited us last week. He noticed the 20+ years old Please Wear Shoes in the Basement sign. I have no intentions of taking it down anytime soon. The stfm told me he had wanted to be in the Air Force, but was too tall.

I skipped Zumba on Friday because of the weather. I found out later the teacher did not go either.


Marie said...

And here I thought it was me starting it with team 612.

Elizabeth said...

I have to say, William Morris Stewart and his penchant for showing up on significant dates and times is really creepy.

How tall IS stfm?!?

Richard said...

He seemed to be over 6'7"....