Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. Opening Day for the Indians will be here soon. I've been watching a few spring training games hoping to catch a glimpse of my brother. No luck there, but I enjoyed watching the games.

2. Ten years ago we went to spring training. We took my wonderful cousin, Dorothy. She loved baseball very much.

3. Spring training used to be in Winter Haven, Florida. It is probably way too quiet there now. We stayed at the Lemon Drop Bed and Breakfast. I wonder if they are still in business.

4. I met Bob Feller a couple of times. He will be missed around baseball this year.

5. We need to go to see the Aeros more often.

6. It rained extremely hard the last time we went to an Indians game. We went home. the game did not end until about 1:00 in the morning. They had to finish the game because they were playing San Diego with no way to make it up.

7. Can anyone tell me who these two Indians are? How quickly one forgets.

8. The currently unidentified Indians were greeting the fans at the last game a couple years ago.

9. I know it is Progressive Field now, but I still think of it as The Jake.

10. Go Tribe.


Anonymous said...

The bottom one is John McDonald.


Anonymous said...

The top one is Danys Baez?