Friday, May 27, 2011

A Visit to the Old Brick

We traveled to Ashtabula County on the back roads yesterday. Our destination was the Old Brick in Orwell. The eight of us met about 10:00. The party included my brother Ron, my cousin Don and his friend Rosemary, my cousin Harlan, two representatives from the Old Brick Society, Richard and myself. It is a beautiful old house sitting on many acres.The storm that passed through Ashtabula County on Wednesday night caused part of a tree to come done on the circular driveway. This is the second time I've taken this tour, so I attempted to pay attention to different details this time.I examined several old books with a special interest in family Bibles. My grandmother worked in the post office, which operated out of the Old Brick at one time. Orwell did not have many residents as you can see from the post office furniture. Another piece of furniture reminded me of what we call the blonde dresser at my house.The upstairs was blocked off. Rosemary asked if we could please go up. My father was born in one of those bedrooms, so I was glad she made the request. The wedding dress was hidden away in a closet. We saw three ghostly looking folks upstairs. We ended our day in downtown Orwell by having lunch with our tour guides.

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