Thursday, August 04, 2011

Aunt Luella

Many interesting things happened to me in July. I just was not home to write about them. Hopefully, I will catch up with several posts in August.
My mother-in-law had a wonderful aunt. The two of them were relatively close in age and were good friends as well as relatives. Aunt Luella created many beautiful works of art during her lifetime.
After a lovely day at the beach on my recent trip to Illinois, we drove through Riverside. I said, "Let's go by Aunt Luella's house." Everyone laughed since I did not know the address. But I knew if I saw the street I would remember. I looked up and saw Shenstone on a sign. I called out 325 Shenstone. A few minutes later I saw the familiar blue house still looking beautiful.


Marie said...

I am totally amazed with your memory :)

Elizabeth said...

I remember being here when I was little--and of course, the picture of Aunt Luella standing on her porch looking just like Katherine is burned into my memory. My favorite thing about this house is that our Great-Great Grandfather Crowe built it, correct? I think you should knock and say hello next time you're there!

marilyn wambold said...

You are correct my great grandfather - your great great grandfather Crowe did, indeed, build the house.. it's great to see it again.. I wish I still had some of her apple statues.. or at least photos.. she was such fun and to see Mom with her was a delight.. they'd laugh so hard they'd literally wet their pants.. and the best times of all when they'd go shopping.. buttons or hats.. they'd have everyone in stitches!! Good times

Anonymous said...

I have a lot of very precious memories associated with this house. Of course, they all are about the people that lived there.