Saturday, August 27, 2011

What I did this summer

This summer flew by with many varied events and trips. I hope I did not forget too many things.

Trip to Cheyenne, Wy. the first week of June
Trip to Chambersburg, Pa.
Aeros game with our church friends
Stow United Methodist Church 50th Anniversary committee meetings
July 4th Parade and picnic
Hosted Lily and Charlie while their parents packed up for their move to Ohio
Hosted all the Taylors as they waited to get into their house.
Picnic in Jefferson with Ron and Marion
Outdoor concerts watching Richard perform in Kent and Hudson
Trip to Western Springs to welcome the new baby Genevieve.
Attended church in Western Springs as well as a beautiful organ concert after church
Trip to Cheyenne, Wy. for Frontier Days. This included: the rodeo, the melodrama, the big breakfast in downtown Cheyenne, The Behind the Chutes tour (Incredibly muddy, but fun), a hail storm, The Thunderbirds Air Show with a closeup and personal look at two of the Thunderbirds, lots of kettle corn, two parades, the Homes tour, D.A. Russell Days, going around the circle too many times to count as Bridget practiced with her new bicycle and church at the White Chapel on base.
Fundraiser dinner in Ashtabula for the Lakeside High School Dragons football team
Hosting the Dillows
Trip to the Cleveland Zoo
A picnic with all eight of our grandchildren - Priceless
Popcorn Monday at the Kent Theater. We saw The Help, Bridesmaids and a couple others too awful to be named.
Lily's birthday party - and her Mama's, too
The Johnson Family Reunion in Butler, Pa


Marie said...

OH I LOVE that photo of you and Jack :)

Elizabeth said...

You had an equally busy summer! It was sure fun to see you so much.