Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. We took a walking tour of the Ohio State University campus last Saturday. We went from the other side of the Olentangy River to High Street before the game.

2. The architecture of the Wexner Center features the look of the old Armory.

3. Hughes Hall and Hayes Hall always had lots of atmosphere.

4. I shared breakfast with my brother at a local spot called Mugs on Monday.

5. I met friends for lunch in Madison.

6. My best friend Brenda and I took our pictures at one of those photo booths a few years ago.

7. We saw Contagion on Popcorn Monday. Part of it was filmed in Western Springs. We recognized the building. I had to close my eyes in a couple parts.

8. Today was primary election day in Stow, I hope the person who gets elected as the Mayor of Stow in November will be the person I picked. I have very specific requirements for the job. Only one person on the ballot fulfilled them this time.

9. My Watson grandparents celebrated 50 years of marriage in 1953. I remember the party. I wonder what they were thinking about when this picture was taken.

10. I located a picture of my childhood home taken in 1955.

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