Thursday, September 08, 2011

My old home

I make infrequent trips to Stark County as there is no one left to visit. But I do go back to see my optometrist. I went early today and hung out at Border's for a while. I only bought seven items. I checked out a few of the other stores on the Strip and still had some time. I decided to go down my old street in Perry Township. 141 looked pretty good, so I stopped to snap a picture. Oops - Busted. A man ran out of the house to investigate what I was doing. I told him I lived there many years ago, and my father was Charles Watson, a former superintendent of schools. He smiled and shook my hand. Although this street is in the Genoa Elementary district, his autistic son attends Watson Elementary. The man said his son is getting a wonderful education in a caring place since his transfer.


Elizabeth said...

Is that Grandma's house!?? Good heavens. I can hardly see it even if I squint at it behind all that... look.

That's a very nice story, though, and what a coincidence that his son goes to W.E.

Marie said...

That's what I was going to say!! I can barely recognize it! But so happy that it looks so well cared for. I loved that house and all the memories in it so much.