Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Construction Ten on Tuesday

1. Staying home today is a necessity as we are getting the back room replaced.

2. The spindles on the deck will be replaced and come up to code - so no little heads will get stuck.

2. We did vote this morning before the workmen arrived.

4. As we wandered through the stadium area before the Ohio State game last Saturday, a flying football creamed me. Actually it destroyed the yummy caramel tart sample I was eating - leaving me a sticky, gooey mess. I took it as a message that I should not have been eating that in the first place. I recovered by game time.

5. Richard took my picture with the Jesse Owens statue. I met him at the Akron Canton Airport. He was waiting for his daughter and I was waiting for my father-in-law. We had a nice chat.

6. Richard and I served as communion stewards on Sunday. This was the first time we ever did that. It was a meaningful experience for both of us.

7. Another eleven bags of leaves went out on trash day.

8. Tonight is the Hudson YA book club. I enjoy seeing old friends from Tallmadge.

9. We pass around information about books we like. I will be ready with some information about Any Day A Beautiful Change.

10. I've been carefully rereading a paper about William Morris Stewart written by an Ivy League professor. I found a mistake an editor should have caught - but spell check would not. I am contemplating sending the author an e-mail, but wonder if he would be offended.

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

What lovely light you have in all these pictures. I think you should chalk up your football/tart catastrophe to bad luck, not nefarious intentions by the universe to plot against you. Just my 2 cents.