Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. I watched Lily's Halloween parade. I enjoyed seeing her school.

2. Last Friday night we saw Over the Rhine live in concert for the 9th time.

3. Saturday found us in Columbus. Night games are not my favorite because of the long ride home. This one was worth it. It was really exciting and down to the wire.

4. I saw Lily and Charlie sing at the Presbyterian Church on Sunday. After the children lined up, Charlie said in a loud voice, "I am right here." What a treat to see and hear them.

5. We missed Trick or Treat this year since we were in Columbus. Someone tricked me into buying Whoppers and Milk Duds.

6. A college friend gave us the picture of Richard playing the bass saxophone. The other bandsman in the picture is our friend Wally. He was a pilot and took us flying several times in a tiny rented plane. I never told my mother that one.

7. We filled eleven bags with unwanted leaves on Sunday afternoon. Not fun.

8. It makes me happy to be aware of cousins I did not know I had - Don, Harlan, Cheryl, Marna, Nancy and Jerry to name a few.

9. I've always liked fairy tales. I'm already hooked on Grimm and Once Upon a Time.

10. I am wrapping Christmas presents this week. Since Borders went out of business, you can imagine what people will be getting this year.


Marie said...

I am hooked on both of them too! I thought it was odd to have such similar shows starting at the same time, but totally different :)

Elizabeth said...

wah, I've missed both of these shows.