Monday, March 12, 2012

Charles M. Watson

This month I decided to feature my father for the Twelve on Twelve. This is his big month because on March 25th he will be inducted to the Ashtabula County Basketball Hall of Fame. This is quite an accomplishment because he died fifty-five years ago. It is only possible because he kept a scrapbook - mostly about sports.

My father attended the Ohio State University. He loved the Buckeyes.

 This is a college picture of my stylish father.

This is my father's Teaching Certificate which allowed him to teach or be a Superintendent.

Coach Watson was the coach of both the boys team and the girls team at Edgewood. He had the most championship teams with the girls, but the boys were quite successful, also.
The Makio was the yearbook for the Ohio State University. I have my father's copy from his senior year.
 This card was in the Makio. My father grew up on the Pratt Farm because his parents worked there.

This picture hangs in our garage. It shows the Delta Tau Delta house and the men who belonged to the fraternity.
 My father was a tap dancer, a drummer and a singer as well as being an athlete. I have lots of his sheet music.
One thing my father loved was spaghetti. My mother did not care for any kind of cooked tomatoes. My father ate his spaghetti on Friday nights with the coaches after football games.
When I was a little girl I often walked over to the school where my father worked. Even on a hot day the halls were cool and dark. My father always welcomed me. We would have a chat. He would give me a nickel to put in the Coke machine. Those bottles of Coke tasted so good to me. I seldom drink pop these days, but if I do I have a Coke and remember the good old days.
I am more of an athlete now than I ever was growing up. Richard and I have our names on the plaque at the Natatorium for being Charter Members. I think my father would like this.
On March 25th I will proudly wear my father's basketball that says Champions and Coach.


Katherine Willis Pershey said...

This is great! Thank you for passing these stories along.

Elizabeth said...

Just wonderful. I love to hear stories about him.

Aliza said...

This is so special. I love that it's a collection of big things, and very small things about your dad.

Monica said...

How totally awesome to have this documentation about your dad! Thanks for participating in Ella's Take Twelve project.