Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tuesday Basement Adventure

Over the years certain individuals have considered our basement to be creepy. The door would always be locked.
There are world treasures that hang from the ceiling.

I have had a doll collection for many years. I can't decide whether to keep this one or not.

Some of my dolls have never been out of the box.

My best discovery today was the Dr Pepper mirror. I looked on Ebay and could not find another one like it.


Katherine Willis Pershey said...

Oh my goodness, what a post! That doll is SCARY.

I had that dr pepper mirror on my bedroom wall for years. I had to jimmy the cardboard hanger on the back with tape to make it hang properly. I loved it. How fun to see it again.

Elizabeth said...

The Dr Pepper mirror is one of my fondest memories of Willis home d├ęcor!

I think you should only keep the one-eyed doll if you plan to become a serial killer and need some sort of calling card.

Elizabeth said...

p.s. this will definitely allow the internet insight into our, uhm, unique upbringing.

Marie said...

Ha and that right there is why I have a fear of the dark. Thanks for the nightmares. (But I really like your new background :)