Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Any MAY a Beautiful Change

Any Day a Beautiful Change happened to me about May, 2008. I retired from thirty plus years of teaching. It seemed to be the perfect time since they tore down my building. When I was a little girl my father advised me to become a librarian when I grew up. I remember his exact words. "You will always get a job when you want one." And I did. I loved every school library where I worked from The Ohio State University School to Miami Trace High School to Stow High School to Rootstown High School to Tallmadge Middle School. I learned plenty from my students, and I hope I shared my love of reading with them.
There has to be a major adjustment after one retires, but my life still includes libraries. I regularly visit the public libraries in Stow, Hudson, Kent and Cuyahoga Falls.

Now I work for myself. My current project is to write a biography about my great-grandfather's brother. The research I do on Uncle Bill (Senator William Morris Stewart of Nevada), the more fascinated I become. It expanded from just him to many of his contemporaries. Mark Twain worked as Stewart's secretary, and Ulysses S. Grant was his drinking buddy before and after Grant became President. Uncle Bill helped Leland and Jane Stanford set up the Leland Stanford, Jr. University.

The railroad magnates who built the Transcontinental Railroad strongly backed Stewart for most of his political career.
William Morris Stewart and his wife Annie Foote Stewart had three daughters. I connected with some of the Italian relatives recently. I know my next discovery is right around the corner.


Elizabeth said...

It's hard to believe you've been retired for four years this month! You hardly seem like someone turning 70 this year, that's for sure. You are an inspiration post-retirement : )

Katherine Willis Pershey said...

I still miss calling you at work, though I'm awfully glad you're free to do other interesting things and travel as much as you do.

I loved exploring the Rootstown High School library, and working on projects in the AV lab at Kent State.