Wednesday, July 04, 2012

A Few on the Fourth

Stow celebrates July 4th with the best parade in Ohio. We spent the day with friends and relatives. Jack won the prize of the day when a representative from the Little Tikes Company presented him with a car during the parade.

Last weekend we attended a 50th wedding anniversary party for Washington Court House friends from our early days of teaching. The event took place at our old church, Grace Methodist. We slipped away from the celebration to visit the sanctuary. Studying the stained glass windows is like having a conversation with God.

From Washington Court House we traveled to the Chicago area for a visit with Ben, Katherine, Juliette and Genevieve. A highlight of that trip was  riding the train into Chicago. Richard saw the hospital where he was born as we chugged along through Berwyn.  We took a trip to the Woodlawn Cemetery and studied each one of the numerous Willis graves wishing we knew more of their stories.

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Katherine Willis Pershey said...

I love the stained glass windows!

Maybe one of these years we'll make it home for a 4th of July.