Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Running Through Sherwood Acres

My plan is to participate in a 5K this fall. I did the Race for the Cure in Cleveland several years ago. It is time to try it again. Training requires me to run outside. My mantra is as follows:

I do not like to run outside
I do not like to run up
I do not like to run down
I like to run in circles (At the Natatorium)

last Sunday morning I logged a little over four miles on my Nano/Nike technology before 7:00 AM. I thought that was pretty good. It really helped to stay off the cement roads. Our development is about half and half. Who do I see at that time of the day? First I encountered our neighbor Jim out walking his dog Joe. I waved at the mother of Stephanie S. At least I thought that was who she was. This lady had a huge black dog. I knew she did not recognize me with my hat pulled down and sunglasses. Next I passed another lone female runner. We nodded in passing. She was much young and faster than I. Meanwhile I enjoyed listening to the Beach Boys and  studying the yards. No one has a great one this year thanks to the heat and drought conditions. Someone a couple streets over has what could be described as an English garden or a humdinger of a messy yard. It is beginning to look charming, but I am glad not to be their next door neighbor. I passed the lady with the huge black dog again. This time I asked her if she was Stephanie's mother and if she was dog sitting. By the time I told her to check Amazon to read about Katherine's book, I think she knew who I was. I ran in circles  during this brief encounter.
 I will be ready for a 5K in the fall.

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Elizabeth said...

I prefer to run outside.
In the dark.
Between 9-10 pm.
With only swooping bats and menacing badgers to watch for along the way.