Thursday, August 16, 2012

Twelve on Twelve on the 16th

On August 12th, I went to a baby shower for one of my favorite people. A boy is on the way.

                            Babies need lots of presents. Their new Mamas do, also.

                             I enjoying teaching in Tallmadge with Alexis and Julie.

                 Heather's birthday is July 13th. No wonder she is a favorite of mine.

                              These balloons were attached to my prize for Bingo.

                                         My table mates tried to beat me at Bingo.

                                                  Heather opens her gifts.

                                        This looks like the present I gave Heather.

After the party I gave the balloons to the Taylor Tots. These balloons caused them to have fun and make lots of noise.

                          I could not resist taking a picture of the computer on the table.

                                       Lily ate her dinner. Charlie just looked at his.

                                                 A quick photo of Marie

                                              We love to take our own pictures.

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