Friday, January 25, 2013

Picture, Picture

After taking twelve pictures once a month for a year, I seem to be missing the project. I decided to feature the artwork in our home. Every picture on the wall has a special meaning to our family. I could not cut it down to twelve, even though I did not include pictures of our eight beautiful grandchildren this time.

I made this for a project in a production class I took at the University of Akron. It has to be one of a kind. I used an opaque projector to enlarge the image from a brochure.

This one shows the first four Heisman winners from the Ohio State University.

We received this map of the OSU campus for Christmas in 2012. It adds to our scarlet and gray collection.

The main library on campus at the Ohio State University is just as important as football.

We are so happy to have a piece of artwork from Ron Reams. He paints beautiful nature pictures.

This reminds us of the fantastic times we had at Cheyenne Frontier Days in 2011 and especially in 2012.

My brother and I nominated our father, Charles Watson, for the Ashtabula County Basketball Hall of Fame. How wonderful that he was inducted in March, 2012.

I bought this poster at the Norton Simon Art Gallery in Pasadena, California. I would love to visit this place again.

This picture reminds me of my lovely sister-in-law Linda. Her passing saddened us.

This is my infamous Uncle Bill. He was my great-grandfather's brother. I am writing a book about him. The more I research, the more fascinating I find him. He spent twenty-nine years as a U.S. Senator from the state of Nevada. His buddies included Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, Leland Stanford and Mark Twain to name a few.

This was Uncle Bill's house on the Dupont Circle in Washington D.C. Bill and Annie Stewart lived in a variety of  interesting places. It is a shame this one is no longer in existence.

This one is a sentimental favorite of mine. I collect pictures and art objects that include reading.

               This picture hangs in the children's room. It was a gift from the girls.

                           Children's book art has always been a favorite of mine.

Maddie is the baby behind the book. I learned how to make READ posters at a workshop.

My mother had a huge button collection. This is part of it and I think of her when I look at it.

A parent of one of my mother's students painted this picture for a Christmas present.

This picture won first prize in the state of Ohio at the Junior Classical League competition a few years ago. It is larger than it appears, and probably keeps people from staying too long in our guest room. It is slightly creepy, but still definitely a winner in the judge's eye.

              I love Ohio. It is a great state even if the weather is frightful outside today.

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Elizabeth said...

You have lots of cool art. I'm glad we got you the owl book week poster when we did, because I have searched for years for one for us and it doesn't exist anymore as far as I can tell : (