Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thursday Morning Exercise

I participate in an exercise class every Thursday morning called Silver TRX. What a challenge, and I try very hard not to miss it. The teacher is Dave, one of the very fine trainers at the Natatorium in Cuyahoga Falls.

Last week he told us we had to do some pool exercise before the next class. I put it off until this morning. I am not much of a swimmer anymore, but I swam two lengths of the pool and circled the current channel ten times. Dave warned us the hot tub does not count, but I spent a few minutes in there, too.
Class consisted of many squats, rows, lunges, work with the balance bar and medicine ball, about 40 push-ups and a mile on the track using weights. Dave gave a short lecture on nutrition. Green smoothies (I had one for lunch) are the way to go and cut back on dairy products. I suppose that means I should not eat so much ice cream.

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