Sunday, July 21, 2013

Swimming Challenge

My TRX teacher often gives us tips at the end of class. Among other things he told us to drink spinach and kale smoothies, cut down on dairy products, use the rowing machine, spend time exercising outside and go swimming. Hm. Despite the fact my gym has an amazing pool, I have avoided it. I don't like to get my hair wet. I am not a strong swimmer. My hair looks terrible after I swim.

I have a long history with the water. As a child we often went swimming at Walnut Beach in Ashtabula. Swimming in Lake Erie involved mostly wading.  We moved to Massillon after my seventh grade year.  I had a new group of girlfriends who were synchronized swimmers. In order to keep up I took swimming lessons at the Canton Y. Despite taking intermediate swimming three times, I never passed. I could not swim six laps without stopping. During college I went swimming off a boat in Lake Erie. Oops - the boat drifted away and a friend had to rescue me. Fortunately this did not make me scared of the water.

When the girls were growing up we belonged to Maplewood Swimming Pool for twenty years. This mostly involved me watching to make sure my children were being careful and safe.

Dave used to call his class Silver TRX. He changed it to Silver TRX Boot Camp. This translates to an extremely strenuous hour of exercise. He told us to swim, so I did. I swam eight laps last Saturday morning.  I think I could finally pass that intermediate swimming class. No pictures on this post. My hair still looks awful after I come out of the water.

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Elizabeth said...

Way to go! I sure wish we could find a pool to go to. I miss having a Maplewood-esque pool around.