Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fairy Tales in My Future

This weekend I leave for the mountains of Pennsylvania in order to attend a workshop on fairy tales. Thanks to the Dillows I have had the opportunity to read a variety of them to prepare myself.

Donna Jo Napoli and Gail Carson Levine are the teachers for this experience. I had their books in my middle school library. I just reread Beast by Napoli and Ella Enchanted by Levine.

When I return I will share information learned with Maddie, our oldest grandchild. Her AIM class in Louisiana has a big project going on about fairy tales. It is not due until September. How convenient is that?

I found out yesterday there will be an optional Yoga class at 6:30AM each day of the workshop. That suits me just fine because I am an early riser and need an activity to do before breakfast. I would go walking in the woods, but we have already been warned about the ticks. I have been afraid of ticks ever since a visit to a cemetery in Lyme, CT a few years ago.  I made Katherine and Marie climb up the ladder and sit on top of the van while Dorothy and I checked out tombstones.

            Last night we celebrated Lily's 8th birthday. She will be in the third grade.

                          Fast forward a few years and this is what Lily will look like.

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Marie said...

I totally forgot about the van climbing incident! Ha!