Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Old Boyfriends/List #2

My list for this week includes old friends who were boys and old boyfriends. I have always been fond of boys. That is probably why I look so happy in this picture from first grade. The front row included Ronnie N., Donnie S. and Donald M. I don't remember the name of the boy in back. He was obviously older, and actually looks like a character from The Christmas Story.

My best friend and playmate was Donald M. He lived across the street from us. Once in a while he would play a trick on me. Soon after, he would knock on our door in order to give me a Hershey Bar. I always forgave him, because he was fun to play with and I loved chocolate.

In first grade I liked a boy in my Reading Circle. We were lucky enough to be in the Blue Birds. It was okay to be in the Red Birds, but no one wanted to be in the Black Birds. Stanley P. had gorgeous blond hair and knew lots more words than I did.

The private boys' school in Austinburg had dances. Their young men had to learn manners and all that. They imported girls from Jefferson. I attended at least three dances beginning in fourth grade. My Mama always made sure I knew how to dance, so I had lots of fun at these events. I went once with Terry B. and twice with Wade H.

I was allowed to go to school dances. In the 6th and 7th grades I went to the dances with Ronnie N. I specifically remember one dance in the seventh grade. We double dated with Jimmy W. and Patti S. After the dance we headed uptown for toasted cheese sandwiches at David's, the town beer joint. There must not have been any laws preventing this activity, because my parents knew about this part. What happened next got me in trouble. After we ate, we decided to walk to Patti's house. I don't know how far away it was, but she rode a bus to school and lived in the country. Her parents gave us a Coke, and then Jimmy, Ronnie and I walked home. Jimmy lived on my street. It was midnight when I arrived home. It had not occurred to me my parents might wonder where I was, since the dance was over at 10:00. I did not get grounded. My parents told me I had better let them know my plans ahead of time from then on.

We moved when I was in the eighth grade. I liked a boy named Bill D. He gave me a Valentine. I recognized his writing, and was very excited. The front of the card said "I Need You!" I was even more excited. The inside of the card said "Like a hole in the head."
Humpf. I am still recovering from that.

In high school Ronnie W. was my boyfriend. He was a delightful person.  Ronnie and I were in the band, which made it easy for us to spend time together. His family moved to California his junior year. Ronnie stayed with another band friend, Errol S., for an entire school year. He finally joined his family in California for his senior year. We lost track of each other until a couple years ago, when Errol found him on Facebook. The prom was our last date before he moved.

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Elizabeth said...

These are great photos : ) I can't believe you were out until midnight as a seventh grader. !!!