Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Random Quotes/List 3

This is a list of quotes that have lasting meaning for me. 

"Off I go to tell her."
Willis children used this as a threat they were going to tell my mother something I did. I used it myself when an unnamed child whacked her giant candy cane on her grandmother's white dresser.

"Watch what you say. You never know who's listening."
Good advice from my mother.

"Open the hairdryer first."
 Spoken by a young child at a birthday party

"Judas Priest"
If my father said this, I knew he was mad. This was his take on swearing, but I don't think it qualifies as a swear word.

"Somethings you have to do for yourself."
I said this when a math problem was beyond me.

"This would not have happened if you had worn your paint shirt."
Spoken by unpopular art teacher after a splotch of paint dropped on the shoe of a Willis girl.

"I'll see your nose above your chin."
A quote from Grandma Rinehart.

"Don't eat ruffled potato chips. You might cut your mouth."
My mother was very careful with children.

"Divide the banana five ways."
Families have to learn to share resources.

"I have a paper that says I can teach you this."
I said this during the years I had elementary certification and was trying to help children with homework. I don' think homeschooling would have worked for us.

'If you get towed by Joes......"
 Joes is still in existence so I don't think I should finish this one.

"Start with what you believe and go from there."
From a sermon many years ago that I have found quite useful during my life.

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Elizabeth said...

This is really a terrific list. : )