Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. Our car started despite sub zero temperatures when we returned to Ohio. We felt badly for the man who could not remember where he had parked his car.
2. I returned to my Zumba class on Friday morning. I visited the Falls Library and located Graceling by Kristin Cashore. It is a YA book that no doubt will become a series.
3. Saturday night we attended a Mystery Dinner at church. Ted R. waited on our table. We had to select items without knowing what they might be. This led to many humorous situations - like too much silverware for one course and none for another.
4. We went to an instrument repair place on Monday. The former Rootstown band director happened to be there. We had a nice chat. He left the same year I did, and now has a music store in PA. I chaperoned one of his band trips to Virginia Beach.
5. Since it was Monday we went to the show in Kent. We saw Extraordinary Measures with Harrison Ford and Brendan Fraser. We thought it was good, but very much a tearjerker.
6. As we exited the movie we saw practically all the teachers from TMS. They had gone out to dinner and were going to see It's Complicated. It was such fun to see these old friends.
7. Speaking of TMS, the school where I taught for six years is now a pile of rubble. It had such a wonderfully arranged library. Someone bought the property and did not want the building.
8. My University of Michigan educated hand doctor gave me a shot in the hand today. Ouch.
9. We are new fans of the PBS show Pickers. Thanks, Matt.
10. My brother is coming to town next week. He plans to find a place to live in Ashtabula County.


Marie said...

That dinner sounds really cool! And I can't believe the middle school is gone. I wonder what they will build there.

Matt said...

I am a sucker for any shows with the junk or treasure theme. Irreplaceable historical artifact or cheap Taiwanese knock-off (AKA "did the tourist lady get ripped off")? Antiques Roadshow is the high-brow version of Pawn Stars and American Pickers, but all three are good.