Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. We have been playing some of our old games lately. When we opened up James Bond 007, we found a note written in 1990.
2. It is another snowy day in Ohio. My YA book group at the Hudson Library was canceled.
3. I usually clean the basement in January. I slipped up this year.
4. The equipment trucks for the Cleveland Indians left for Arizona this week.
5. We saw Avatar at Kent on popcorn Monday. The special effects were great. I predict it will win a few Oscars.
6. My brother is coming to visit from Arizona. He will have to get used to northeastern Ohio winter weather quickly.
7. Here are the lyrics to Fray Felipe as requested:

Fray Felipe, Fray Felipe
Duermes tu? Duermes tu?
Toca la campana
Toca la campana
Tan Tan Tan
Tan Tan Tan

8. I forgot how to make an upside down question mark on the keyboard.
9. The Cavs won another game tonight.
10. It is still snowing.


Elizabeth said...

This is really the only version of this song that I like. Katherine, nay, KAY, can have James Bond so long as she keeps her mitts off The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

: )

It isn't snowing here. Again.

Marie said...

hahah-I guess that is one way to figure out ownership. Thanks for the lyrics :)