Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. Popcorn Monday found us munching and watching Alice in Wonderland. We thought it was good, but way too scary for young children.
2. Alice went to China at the end of the show. Humpf.
3. I have two appointments today, This morning I check with the hand doctor. I predict he will say this. "If it is not broken, we won't fix it." This afternoon I will meet with old Jefferson friends for lunch. They "adopted" my brother, so he will attend, also.
4. Speaking of my brother, here he is pictured with his new car.
5. What fun I have been having finding relatives on Ancestry.com this week. I concentrated on Stewarts for a long time. Now I am now turning my researching toward the Watson/Johnson side.
6. Richard continues playing The Wizard of Oz, although he has had Monday and Tuesday off.
7. His practicing tempts me to get out my saxophone.
8. We think this year's house project will be updating the electricity. It would be nice to have an outside light that does not blow a fuse when turned on.
9. I watched the Bachelor program on TV last night. This show summarized the last eight years. I only watched this regularly one year because a friend of a teaching colleague was one of the girls. That year included local updates, and made it very interesting.
10. We had a fun visit with the Taylors last weekend. Charlie will be two soon.

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Marie said...

Oh Charlie looks so cute :)