Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. A bird built a nest on the light by our front door. We are debating as to letting it stay.We enjoy birds in the yard, but has this one moved in too close?
2. Gracie stayed with us last night and most of today. We all had fun swimming at the Nat this morning, especially when they turned on the water sprays.
3. Gracie looked through a couple old picture albums. She commented on the fact that Juliette looks like her mama and Lily looks like her mama.
4. Once again I am attempting to grow grass in the front yard. It looks pretty dismal.
5. The spirit moves me to begin another book. This one will be a biography about William Morris Stewart. I started researching this week by reading about the beginnings of the Erie Canal. William and his brother John played nearby the canal where it passed close to their home in New York. The "Big Ditch,"as some called it, was a fascinating part of American history.
6. I played the piano tonight since I recently found one of my favorite books. It is 57 Piano Pieces Children Like to Play. It is stamped "This Music Belongs to Elizabeth Willis", but since the copyright is 1952, I think it was mine first.
7. My brother told me he met someone familiar with the Walton family of New Lyme. They owned a big farm there in the 1870's. I guess they needed lots of land since Henry and Elizabeth had seven children - Libby, Thomas, Lucy, Henry, Mary, Lilly and Flora.
8. Thanks to Facebook I made connections with several old friends and a few cousins, also.
9. Thanks to Zumba I need new tennis shoes. They still look new, but I've worn out the inside of them.
10. It is time for Glee.


Marie said...

goodness yes we do :)

Elizabeth said...

wow, especially the one of katherine! i actually did think that was juliette for a minute before i read it.

g is home safely in her bed!