Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. Everyone who attended the May 4th Voices program received a daisy.
2. The reading fairy moved from the backyard to the front. At least I think so.
3. I recently discovered my Grandma Lillie had seven brothers and sisters. Her parents Henry and Elizabeth Walton were both born in jolly old England.
4. We had a nice visit with Marie last weekend. She has become quite the photographer. The pictures she took at Kent on Friday are much better than the ones I've seen in the paper the last couple days.I would show you some, but you'll have to wait for the book.
5. Today is election day. Hopefully, the library levy will pass.
6. Jim Tressel called me yesterday. I talked his ear off. This made Richard laugh as it was a recorded message about the election.
7. I received a beautiful necklace for Mother's Day from my three wonderful daughters. Allison Sattinger made it. Allison is an excellent jewelry maker as well as being a talented vocalist.
8. We've been shredding old papers. I saw checks written to Apples and Country Counter. I miss those grocery stores.
9. I found out why my grass seed has not even sprouted one blade. We put something on the yard which prohibits crab grass, not knowing it prohibited all grass.
10. The girl who Zumbas on my left side at the Nat graduated from Stow H.S. in 2006. She must think I am 100 because I told her I was the librarian before Mr. Walko.


Elizabeth said...

this was a great Ten on Tuesday! I love the shadow picture of the reading fairy, and I laughed about the pre-Mr. Walko comment. She probably is more concerned that she's being out-Zumbaed by a hundred-year-old! ; )

Marie said...

LOVE that picture of the reading fairy. Now I want you to take it again sometime but this time squat down lower. I wonder who was Zumba-ing next to you. Perhaps I know her. And I laughed at that comment too :)