Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. Someone took this picture of me with our dog Herman around 1954. We still lived in Jefferson as I recognize our front yard.
2. I received a beautiful necklace for Mother's Day. Thank you very much.
3. As a child I enjoyed playing with marionettes. I found at least part of the collection this week. No wonder the girls feared the basement with these crazy things down there. I am ready to sell. I could not find a March Hare on Ebay. There was one Clarabell listed for $99. Clarabell was on the Howdy Doody Show for those who don't remember.
4. I also found this Rick Rack, probably belonging to Aunt Alice at one time. Can you see the price? $.13 was a bargain.
5. My doctor told me to skip the Fosamax for a year. One of my Zumba friends received the same advice recently. That is fine with me as I don't like to take medicine anyway.
6. I am reading Olive Kitteridge for the church book club in June. It must be really popular as all the libraries I visit had holds on the book. I bought it. I love to get a package from Amazon once in a while.
7. The Hudson YA book review group meets at Pad Thai tonight.
8. The Scholastic Book Warehouse sale is going on. I hope to get there. Anyone have any books for me to look for?
9. This afternoon we have a meeting with our financial consultant. Remember the good old days when the fellow stayed so long he stuck to the chair?
10. We saw Iron Man 2 on Popcorn Monday. It was alright, but not as good as the first one. I could not find Mickey Rourke believable in the part he played.


Elizabeth said...

Uhm, YEAH, scary clowns. I did not hear the conversation you had with Matt about what you wanted him to sell, so I was stopped in my tracks yesterday when he was looking at scary clowns on Ebay.

Your necklace is lovely. And since I'm the first commenter, I call dibs on Aunt Alice's rick rack if you're giving it away!

Marie said...

Hmphf Elizabeth-I was THERE when she found it...and yes, SCARY CLOWNS.