Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ten on Tuesday on Wednesday

1. It is such fun to get a family together. The first picture features six first cousins and my mother.

2. The next picture features another set of first cousins. We go back to Rockwell and Lillian Stewart.

3. The third picture is from the Johnson Parker family reunion I attended last weekend. The six people in this picture are double second cousins.

4. My grandfather's sister married my grandmother's brother. That is how we became "double cousins."

5. A lady named Elaine commented on my blog this week back when I wrote about finding the grave of Francis Lithgow Payson. She lived in an apartment in Florence, Italy owned by the Payson family.

6. The Ohio State University 2010 football season begins tomorrow. The Big Ten will soon have two divisions, because they have way more than ten teams now.

7. My garage sale is this Saturday, September 4th.

8. Richard plays in the Sounds of Sousa Concert Band. His alto music is sitting in the living room. I am very tempted to get my saxophone out and give it a try.

9. Our church is having it's 50th anniversary celebration on October 15, 2011. I am on the archives committee, and enjoy looking through documents and pictures from the last five decades.

10. The Emmys had a great opening song this year. I soon realized other than Glee, I don't watch sit-coms.

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Marie said...

Oh yeah I forgot to ask you all about the reunion!