Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Ten on Tuesday about Charles M. Watson

1. My father, Charles M. Watson, was born on September 7, 1908 at the Old Brick in Orwell, Ohio. The M stands for Manville, which was the name of one his his mother's brothers.That Manville was always know as Mack.
2. He graduated from The Ohio State University with a BS and MA.
3. He liked to sing, tap dance and play the drums. I saw him do all of these things in variety shows which raised money for the Jefferson Schools.
4. Although he was a school superintendent, what he really enjoyed the most were his extra jobs as the fair superintendent and being an auxiliary sheriff.
5. He played and coached numerous sports, but baseball was his favorite. Our family attended football games at Ohio State as well as Browns and Indians games.
6. Until we moved from Ashtabula County when I was twelve, we went to Sunday dinner at my Watson grandparents every Sunday after church.
7. Once I painted CMW on a florescent shiny (ugly) orange tie as a Father's Day gift. My father wore that tie to school on several occasions. That was very nice of him.
8. I have a large doll collection to this day, because he always brought home a doll for me when he took a trip.
9. My father loved spaghetti. He went out with the coaches after high school football games for this treat.
10. I sure loved my dad. I wish I could have know him longer.


Marie said...

I wish I could have known him too-but I am very glad that Charlie is named after him :)

Elizabeth said...

This was a lovely tribute.

We do love our "extra" jobs in this family, don't we?

Katherine said...

What a wonderful Ten on Tuesday. Perhaps one of my sisters should make a scrapbook page of it. :)

It's always been sad to me that I didn't know my grandfathers, but especially since I've seen how wonderful grandfathers are in Juliette's life.